Triangle Trees, graphite

The Grievance. Ink 10 6/8" x10"

I Miss You, graphite 7 6/8"x 10 6/8"

Earth Body, from Ana Mendieta. Ballpoint pen 

Heavenly Kiss, graphite, watercolor, colored pencil

Mirror in the Door, graphite

Untitled, colored pencil

Moon Glow. charcoal on paper 

You Are my Brother. Charcoal and pen and ink 

Love Your Neighbor as Yourself. Colored pencil on paper 

In the Image of Our Creator, Colored pencil on paper

I Love You, Goodbye. Graphite and colored pencil on paper

Untitled, ink 

Moth, graphite 7 6/8" x10 6/8"

Drinking,  graphite

Shroom, graphite

Guitar in Oak Park, graphite

Small Mirror,  graphite

As The Tree Waits. Graphite

The Father's Land. colored pencil

The Edge. Colored Pencil

I Asked for My Father's Heart, He Gave Me His Eyes. Colored pencil

The Glory of the Lord Fills the Temple.  ink, colored pencil and marker on paper

Howling With El Shaddai. Colored pencil on paper

Untitled. Colored pencil on paper

Mourning. Pen and ink and pastel on paper